Salty & Full of Flavor

“You are the salt of the earth..” (Matthew 5:13)

I don’t know about yours, but my grandparents are notorious for adding loads of salt to every meal. They started off just like everyone else with a moderate amount, but that significantly increased over the years as the desire to taste their food to the fullest grew. At least, I think that is how they justify it! Either way, we all can agree that salt brings out the true flavor of food.


In the same way that salt brings out the flavor of our food, when we encounter Jesus, he brings out the true expression or “flavor” of who we were created to be in us. And it makes us thirsty, ever so thirsty for more. For a water that only He can supply, a beautiful river of life and love than flows forth from His hand and quenches even the driest soul. You were created to be that salt for others- drawing out the the thirst for something deeper that is inside us all and revealing the true flavor of who they were made to be.

Simply by walking in the truth of our identity as children of God who are dearly loved, healed and redeemed, we become more attractive to a world that is in desperate need for all of these things. A world that is crying out for a Father, to be loved, healed and restored. You have the potential to carry what the world needs inside of you. So embrace the salt and let God bring out the flavor in you, it’s beautiful, bold and it increases the thirst for God in those around you.

You are ever so loved!

Rachel Elizabeth