Trustworthy of Influence


I just love reading about Daniel in the Bible. He is seriously THE MAN! He is described as being wise with an excellent spirit, full of the spirit of God and able to interpret dreams  (and those were the words of a queen!-Daniel 5:10-12).

Three different kings promoted him to a place of leadership because of the wisdom and “excellent spirit” over his life. Yet what seems to mark history is not his abilities but rather his humility and integrity. Daniel was unwilling to compromise his covenant with the Lord. To the point he would eat only vegetables in order to not defile himself with the sinful culture around himself. He lived life so blamelessly that other wise-men and leaders within the kingdom of Babylon could find no fault in him. They knew the only way to destroy his good-standing with kings, was to put Daniel in a position where he would have to chose between worshiping God or idols. Yet even when thrown into the lions den,  Daniel remained devoted to the Lord.

Proverbs 22:11 says,              

“He who loves purity of heart, and whose speech is gracious, will have the king as his friend.”

Daniel represents this proverb so well, his desire to maintain his purity of heart in his relationship with the Lord gave him platform for great influence over the kings of the day. Which then influenced the entire nation.

If we, like Daniel want to be godly influences to the nations.We need to learn from his example and firstly be influenced by God. I have come to realize it is far better to be known for good character than great ability. I believe this is because God is far more concerned about the condition of our hearts than He is about what we accomplish. If the condition of our hearts is pure, he can do far more in and through us because he can trust us to carry out his work in a manner that reflects him. Not only does God trust a pure heart, but so do the people around us.

In a world where compromise and flighty character  are common themes in the realms of business, entertainment, relationships and politics.People are searching for those whom they can trust to be a part of their life. When we chose to be trustworthy people, we then have a position to speak into peoples lives the beautiful realities of the Kingdom of God. 

We simply cannot afford to compromise the purity of our hearts to fit into the lifestyle around us. If we want to see the nations know God, we need to be a good representation of him. Our character has the opportunity to be just as great of a testimony  of who God is as the tangible supernatural power of him. It’s the development of godly character that makes us good stewards of what He entrusts us with. Daniel was held in high esteem for both his devotion AND the supernatural work of God throughout his life, and we are called to do the same.

The amazing thing is, you were already made to represent him! Like Daniel, you have been strategically placed with an amazing purpose to co-labor with God and change the world around you. There is a part of the kingdom in you that only you can share.You were made to influence, and the opportunities of what He can do in a willing heart is endless! So let’s be trustworthy of influence, so the world can see God in us!

You are dearly loved!

–Rachel Elizabeth